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We have three main services, In Person Training at our city centre location, Online Training anywhere in the world and Injury Management

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Personal Training & Group Classes

Train with us in person at our Dublin City Centre location. Book in for 1 on 1 sessions or join our group sessions, your choice

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Online Training

Our remote training option offers all our training and assessment protocols but from anywhere in the world

Sleek & Beautiful

Injury Management

Injuries are inevitable, our Anatomy in Motion assessments are an ideal way to get back in the game. All personal training programs start with an assessment.

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10/19/2018 No Comments

Random Friday Thoughts

Time for another Random Friday Thoughts post. It’s been a fairly random kind of week, which partly explains why there’s been little activity on the blog this week. How random? We had the very tall Mr Yuri Marmerstein in teaching Handstands, Flexibility and Acrobatics over the weekend. View this post on Instagram Doing my best…

10/12/2018 No Comments

On Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability or HRV may be the best thing for measuring health, progress and recovery since, I dunno, sliced bread! Before we continue, I have to get one thing straight: It’s NOT heart rate It’s Heart Rate VARIABILITY Ok, I feel better now… So what is it?I stole this image from Wikipedia to help:…

10/07/2018 No Comments

On Sportsmanship

Unless you’ve had your head under a rock I’m fairly sure you saw the events from last nights UFC229? It brings a bright light to the values we have often considered central to sports, one of the reasons kids are encouraged to learn and play sports. Values that the likes of McGregor, Khabib of the…