We have three main services – in person training at our city centre location, online training anywhere in the world and injury management


The WG-Git Online Training Group run on the excellent Train Heroic app gives you the chance to work with me and interact with the Wild Geese team from anywhere in the world. The basic training group workouts are the same as used in our extremely popular Lunchtime Fitness sessions.

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WG-Fit group classes and private appointments run 6 days per week. Use the calendars below to find and book the training that best suits your needs.

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Anatomy in Motion Assessments are a 90 minute look into how your body works, why it hurts, what it is and isn’t doing. It allows us to figure out the specific exercises you need to do to optimise your performance, to reduce your pain symptoms, to work out old injuries and to figure out why the same muscles go to sleep, get chronically tight or refuse to do as you ask.

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Client Testimonials

Hey Dave

I have been back training in WG doing the boot camp for the last few months and just wanted to say I am loving being back in WG and the Bootcamp.
The mix of things along with an atmosphere which encourages hard training is great and I feel all-round the strongest and fittest I think I have ever been.
If you’re not inspired to train hard when you look around WG at the mix of people training for KB sport, fights and whatever else they may be preparing for then you probably should give up training.

I have at certain times improved some things at the expense of others if I have done specific training for a race or kettlebell competition etc. but I don’t think I have ever really had everything(strength, work capacity and cardio) at as high a level all at the same time.
I am hitting PB’s regularly in the deadlift and other lifts, I can walk out the door and comfortably run 5-10 km and pretty much do any activity I want without issue or getting tired. All this is also while old injuries have improved and I can move better than I have in a few years.

I couldn’t recommend the boot camp enough for anyone like me who wants to be fit and strong enough for whatever they want to do and for whatever life throws their way no matter what their age.

Keep up the great work

Mick Duggan

Mick Duggan

I attached a picture from our recent running adventure in Portugal. I chose it because without Wild Geese, I wouldn’t have been able to run, hike and crawl over 100km in 2.5 days. A few years ago, it wouldn’t have been possible either physically or mentally.

mel   I initially joined Wild Geese about 3 years ago, to build strength to be able to take part in a 10k trail run on Inís Oírr the following year.

After over 10 years of trying to juggle college with part-time work in restaurants, I didn’t have much core or otherwise strength and we probably shouldn’t mention posture.

I wouldn’t have gone near a weight-lifting cage because I wouldn’t have known the first thing about what to do with a bar and weight plates.

Within a year of taking up training at Wild Geese, I was able to compete in my first ever kettlebell competition and to do that 10k run within a reasonably fast time, and more importantly, injury-free

Even when I eventually injured my shoulder due to faulty technique, the specific rehab and strength training you gave me over the past year, helped me to get over the injury relatively quickly, but also coming out of it stronger than before.
Progress happened quite quickly and while I had to put in the work, you knew what I needed to do.

Aside from all the physical benefits, I keep coming to Wild Geese because it helps me cope with the toll studying one of the most miserable topics possible takes. It’s good to have a laugh, be silly and forget all about it for an hour or two.
I didn’t find that in any of the other gyms I went to.

I think what I gain from Wild Geese are a few things.

One, the knowledge that stubbornness pays off eventually.
A greater sense of self-belief (even though we’re still miles away from Conor McGregor-esque dimensions of self-confidence).
A new perspective on what’s out there, and what can be achieved if one perseveres.
A better social network and therefore, better mental and physical health overall.
All of these things filter into my work – I know my stubbornness will eventually lead to finishing my PhD but without the support that I get from Wild Geese, at least in parts, it would be a hell of a lot harder. Thanks a mill, Dave.

What I like most about training with Dave is that I absolutely never feel like there’s any bullshit involved.
I can go in every time without holding back because I have total confidence in all the training.
A lot of that is down to the fact that I’ve never been as injury-free across all the kinds of training I’ve done. There’s never any hesitation to point out if something doesn’t feel right, because everything’s developed hands-on and it’s easy to pinpoint where I’m going wrong. Along with this, the training is always evolving, which keeps it fresh and helps me to figure out where I’m weak and need to improve, rather than focusing on the same movements and realising too late what’s been neglected.
It all means that when I go surfing or whatever else, not only do I feel the improvements in my endurance, strength and mobility, but I also have a better fundamental understanding of how my body moves.”
Conor McGee
Conor McGee
  Before I went to Dave I was a wreck. From years of full contact karate and general punishment to my body I was so inflexible that I could only stretch to my knees and my neck pain was about an 8/10 on a daily basis which was normal for me and it is not good to have this much pain normally.
A physio told me I would never recover and had a whip lash type injury like I had been in a car crash!
I had accepted this, until I went to Dave.

After one class of AIM with Dave I touched my toes ( I never did this in my life!) and felt I was in a different body, sort of like an outer body experience and feeling great with ALOT less pain.
I’m now on a rehab/training program and when I miss a class or 3 I am feeling the pain and stiffness coming back but no where near what it was like before more like a 2/10.

I have learned so much going to Dave and realised that I can fix my pain and gain strength through hard work and dedication.
There is no one like this man for looking at a persons anatomy and knowing instantly how to fix and balance it. Anyone with injuries should pay this man a visit.
He will change your life! Thanks Dave!
Kyokushin Karate Black Belt, Mountain Biker, Biologist
18 years after suffering a broken leg in 3 places (spiral fracture of the tibia and like wise in 2 places in the fibula)
It was actually a complete break…but anyway, In that one month of treating my problematic knee and unaware of my right foot’s complete lack of motion for the last 18 years, there’s still a lot to work on and loads more to learn and the onus is on me, however.
My body’s mechanical configuration has changed, I don’t limp or have any knee pain anymore, I can move my hips and generate consistent power with the simple (but very hard work) that I did with Dave in a single month.
Simply breathing has helped me in treating my shoulders and back in strains.
I’m by no means an easy student and Dave has been very patient none the less.
For this reason I have nothing negative to say as what I’m lacking is more wild-geese time with Dave to advance to the level of getting the balance perfect and the muscles that never worked,working correctly and injury free.
The fact that I can now run and move loosely and feel good muscular fatigue on some of them shows me that now the leg is working as it should.
In conclusion it’s my own short comings that have led to not advancing.
But Dave’s AiM specific to my needs has already made me 200% better overall without any knee pain(s).
And for that thank you Dave.
Warm regards,
Khalid Hamdy
Khalid Hamdy

I can honestly say that joining the extended Wild Geese family has rejuvenated my training.
The emphasis on form and mobility was just what I needed.

The best testimonial I can give is the fact that I’ve referred some of my students to you.

I’m not as young as I used to be but I’m not ready to give up or ease off training yet. I feel that your methods and approach is going to keep me going for some time yet.
BTW I regularly pShane and Aneta Worldslagiarise your methods in my classes.
Shane Mulhall,
3rd Dan Kyokushinkai Karate
(pictured with his student Aneta at the Kyokushin Karate World Championships 2015)

SHane Mulhall, Irish Karate Kyokushinkai

“When I was training as a yoga instructor I needed to work on my strength and this was how I came into contact with Dave. He trained my teenage daughter and myself in self-defence for almost 8 months on a one to two basis.
He is expert in his field and also has a great sense of humour (essential when dealing with teenagers!)
He was able to bring us along without pushing us to breaking point.
anndempsey     Dave has a great sense of knowing when you can do a bit more and knowing when you have done enough.
A thorough gentleman. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”
Ann DempseyDublin Yoga for All

Ann Dempsey, Dublin Yoga For All

Dave is, in a nutshell, a great kettlebell fitness instructor.
I have been attending the Thursday evening kettlebell class at the wild geese martial arts centre for several months and it has been a great experience.

Dave’s focus on proper technique, innovative and fun exercise combinations and motivating everyone to keep working hard, while also making it clear that you can stop or rest when you need to, makes for a great class.

I have some long standing sports injuries that I was initially worried would be aggravated by this type of training, but Dave’s attention to detail in terms of making sure I’m doing the exercises properly has meant I have never had any problems.

I have also had some personal training sessions with Dave which have been very productive in terms of helping to organise and guide the training I do at home.

Both the kettlebell training classes and the personal training sessions are extremely good value, especially when compared to the cost of joining a gym that you then rarely go to and feel demotivated most of the time when you do.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dave as a kettlebell fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Dr James Brunton Reg. Psychol., Ps.S.I

Dr James Brunton

I have observed Dave closely at work over the last 30 months Donal and also had the pleasure of taking part in a number of sport seminars that he runs.
These included kettlebell introductory courses and sports injury preventative seminars.

I was and am impressed and inspired by Dave and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone interested in realising their own full potential.”

Donal Tannam – Wild Geese Judo head coach, 5th Degree Black belt

Donal Tannam, Wild Geese Judo Club

“I couldn’t recommend Dave Hedges highly enough, when I started at Wild Geese 18 months ago I had little to no strength or muscle tone. patrick-headshot

Through his patients, perseverance and instruction, I’ve been able to radically improve my fitness and overall health.
I’ve gone from doing Kettlebells to combat conditioning, and currently I’m attending one of his morning bootcamps to raise the bar even higher, a great training and a nice guy as well.”
Patrick Leddy – CEO at Furious Tribe

Patrick Leddy

“I have been training with Dave for a few years now and can’t recommend him highly enough.

The classes run by Dave are superbly organised, well thought out and challenging, but above all great fun.

Dave is an intelligent coach with a deep knowledge and interest in anatomy and physiology, that he uses to great effect when designing training sessions and when explaining injuries to you and what you can do to overcome them.
Join the Wild Geese…you won’t regret it!”
Ray Allen

Ray Allen

“Dave Hedges has one of the most effective teaching style I’ve encountered in any field.
He helps you get real results by paying attention to your personality, your level of commitment, fitness, sport specific requirements not just at the start of a programme, but every time you step into the gym. His field of expertise is fitness, strength and martial arts but his skill is enabling clients to go past what they think they can do.
Having trained regularly during his lunchtime sessions, he inspired the type of commitment in people that I had only previously encountered in competitive team sports.
I would recommend Dave to any athlete, team or individual who needs to improve fitness and strength generally or target sport specific training”
Shane Dempsey

Shane Dempsey

“Dave isn’t just a trainer, he’s a teacher.
I trained online with him for a year and not only did I achieve my goals of getting stronger and losing weight, but I learned how to better manage my training so that I could keep improving. I’m still using the lessons I learned then in my training today.
Since finishing with the online training I have dropped in on a number of his classes in Wild Geese HQ and couldn’t have found the place more welcoming or fun to train in. Through excellent training, good nature and a deep knowledge of his subject matter, Dave makes every gruelling session fun. You barely notice how hard you’re working because your mind is kept occupied by all the stuff you’re learning!
Cool guy, great gym, if you’re looking for a great place to train or somebody to show you how it’s done, Dave Hedges is yer only man.”
Peter Madden

Peter Madden


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