100 Rep Warm Up Set – October 2012

Warm Ups are important, yet misunderstood.

I use several here at WG, but some of the most efficient are the ones used by my Lunch Time crew.
The Lunch Time guys are on a tight schedule, they have a limited window in which to get in, get work done and get back to the office. Efficiency is tantamount to these guys, yet why not take a lesson from them?
Too much time is spent fluting around in most gyms, too much time wasted on inefficient exercises or even time simply wasted with mindless chit-chat. The gym is the place where you go to get stuff done, it’s not the local coffee shop where you can sit around for a chat. Get in, get out.

To this end I have the crew do a full body calisthenic warm up. Some of these I’ve posted before, but this is the latest one currently in use by the guys:



The sequence is as follows:

  • 3-5 minutes skipping
  • 1 1/2 Squats (Overhead optional) x 10
  • Bridge x 10 L/R
  • Reverse Lunge (twist optional) x 10 L/R
  • Skipping x 100
  • T-Pose x 10seconds
  • Pump x 10
  • “Quick Yoga” x 5 L/R
  • Hindu Push Up x 10
  • Skipping x 100
  • Criss Cross x 10 L/R
  • Superman x 5 L/R (2-3 sec pause on each rep)

The whole sequence ought to take around 8 minutes and will leave you ready to hit your specific warm up and get rocking.

Time to get back to work…

It’s Tuesday evening and the little man has just gone to bed, time then to remind you all that all Lunchtime and Evening classes start back as of this Thursday (6th jan)

I’ve been away for around two weeks and that long enough for any of you to be sat around being lazy. By the time Thurs comes around, most of you will have been back at work for a few days and must be chomping at the bit to get out of the office and take some pent up aggression out on the Kettlebells.
Most of you will have a few spare calories stored in your midsection, plenty of fuel to start the year with some new personal bests.

It’s time now to get back into the swing of things, or for those with New Years resolutions, it’s time to come down and learn to Swing a few things.

Do kettlebells burn fat? On their own, no.
But when combined with a little elbow grease and sweat, yes they are a powerful tool in your arsenal.
When combined with body weight exercises and circuit training, the results become even better.

Depending of course on what you shovel into your cake hole while away from the gym that is….

Morning classes will kick of from the start of Feb, the Boot Camp on Jan 31st and the brand new Kettle AM on Feb 1st.

See you there


Today’s workout

Today’s workout comes courtesy of last nights Conditioning session.

Every Tuesday evening we run a conditioning class aimed at our MMA fighters, although few of them show up, instead it seems to attract GAA players, triathletes, Kickboxers and martial artists from a variety of styles.
But since this type of training improves overall athleticism (sometimes refered to as GPP or general physical preperedness), they all benefit.

The class kicks off with deadlifts for sets of 3 reps or less. This goes on for approx 15 minutes. Usually there’s 3 bars on the go as the guys and girls work in with each other.
The it’s circuit time, and this is today’s workout:

  1. Pull Ups
  2. Hindu Squats (with a jump for advanced)
  3. Kettlebell Swings
  4. Plyo Push Ups
  5. Deck Squats (1 leg for advanced)
  6. Renegade Rows
  7. Front Squats
  8. Push ups on Rings
  9. Knee jump to long jump
  10. Ab wheel
  11. Kettlebell Jump Shrugs
  12. Dips

The guys did the following:
Round 1 – 10 stations, 20 sec work/10 sec rest
Rest 1 min
Rounds 2,3 & 4 – 5 stations, 30/10
30 sec breaks between rounds
Round 5 – 8 stations 20/10

It was a fun session.
Keep the weights relativly heavy, you want to be working hard on every station, we are looking to build work capacity here and the ability to generate power under fatigue, so no shakeweights or body pump bars.

If you don’t have kettles, use dumbells, simple swap the swings for romanian deadlifts. If you don’t have rings, do a different push up variation.


PS – Don’t forget, if I don’t receive a €100 deposit from you for the Steve Cotter workshop on the 27th/28th November (thats this month people!) by this friday, you will not be accepted on the day.
If you need more info contact me ASAP on info@wildgeesema.com, you have 3 days left.



Can you survive the Lunges Of Death?

Wild Geese Fitness members enjoy a good bit of variety in their training, Kettlebells, bodyweight, barbells, sandbags, strength focus, endurance focus. Just plain old variety.
But in order to ensure that progress is being made we have a few benchmark tests or challenges that we throw out every now and again.
Usually these are either a max effort lift, max repetition set or a timed challenge.
It’s the time challenges that really get everyone going, they seem to create the most competition and camaraderie then the other challenges.

One such challenge was on todays menu, feel free to try it out for yourself, see how you get on.
I’ll be honest, it was set by a different crew, but we put our own spin on it. The video below is the original post from Smitty over at the Diesel Crew, he uses a 50lb Bulgarian bag and lunges the length of a football field.
Here at Wild Geese Fitness we have the metric system, no Bulgarian bags and no football pitch. So we use 90 meters (98.4 yards) which just so happens to be 6 lengths of the training floor, I put a medicine ball at the turn around points to ensure nobody cheats. In place of the Bulgarian bag we hold a Kettlebell in each hand, most opting for a suitcase carry which really does a number on your grip!

50lb = 22.7kg, so most of our guys and girls hold a pair of 12kg kettles (24kg = 53lb!), although most have since stepped up to 16’s (70lb), 20’s (88) and one or two (myself included) have even used 24kg bells (53lb).
Last time I did it with a pair of 24’s it took 5 minutes dead and left me limping for about 5 days!

So if you’re up to taking the diesel challenge, even if you’re doing it Wild Geese style, watch this video, or talk to any of our regular members, then grab a stopwatch and a weight and away you go.



15 minute challenge

I’ve been getting a lot of cautious interest about the Lunchtime Fitness training sessions that I’m running at Wild Geese.

After all, what can you possibly do to get fit in 30 minutes? I mean seriously, thats what Curves claims up the road and nobody ever gets results there!

So when one of our fighters turns up the other day and says “I’ve got 15 minutes, what have you got for me?” I set him to work and grabbed my camera.

The following is one round of the circuit I set him, the second I think. He manged to get half way through his 5th round before the buzzer went off and he hit the showers and returned to the office.

Watch the vid, thry the circuit and respond with your total, remember it’s the max number of rounds in 15 minutes:

The circuit is as follows:
Clean & Press x 5
Bodyweight Rows x 10
Swing x 10 L/R
Squat x 20

Ensure the weight you use is heavy.
It’s not about quantity of work, it’s about quality.