A Lesson In Awesomeness from a 4yr Old

I talk a lot about being awesome.
I’ve managed to become a role model of awesomeness to quite a group of people, online, in the gym and two small people at home.
But just last night I was upstaged by my own 4 yr old Son #1 and I have to say, big tough Dave Hedges was reduced to tears. I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder.
You see last night we decided to try Son #2 in a bed rather than his cot. We have bunk beds, Son #1 has the top bunk so this was to be Son #2’s first night in the bottom bunk.
It didn’t start well. I asked Son#1 to help out, to have patience and keep quiet in his bunk as his little bro was a little unsettled. To be fair, he was screaming his head off.
I left him for a few minutes but had to bring him downstairs to cool off.
After he settled, he was fading fast so back up we went. As soon as we entered the room he kicked off again, so I lay in beside him and rubbed him till he chilled out and relaxed. 
As I did this I heard his big bro moving around in his bunk but not a word was said. After a while a little hand appeared above me, I reached out and gently grabbed it. No words were spoken.
A while later again a voice from above whispered, “Dad, can I tell you something?”
“Ok” I whispered in reply
“When he is big enough, he can sleep up here with me”
“Well, do you want to come down here for a while?”
Son #1 carefully and quietly climbed down and joined us in the bottom bunk. Without a word he put his hand on his brothers back and started rubbing just as I’d been doing when he came down.
The wee one was already asleep at this point, so I showed Son #1 how I used big circular rubs, just like I used on him a few years earlier. He immediately took to rubbing big slow circles on his little brother back.
He repeated how he’d let his little brother come up to the top bunk with him when he was big enough, he finished this by saying, “but until then, I’ll stay down here with him, until he’s big enough to come up and we’ll share forever.”
This is where I started to loose it.
Pretty soon after that I left the two of them and came downstairs, not wanting them to see me bubbling.
I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder in my life than I was just then when my eldest was sat guarding his little brother.
So next time you come into WG_Fit and I’ve the heavy metal trashing out, I’m straining under heavy iron or smashing the heavy bag. No matter how loud I growl, how aggressive my body language or furious my expression.
Just remember, a show of selflessness from a 4 yr old boy can reduce me to a blubbering wreck.
It’s also pretty much a given that if you become a regular member of WG-Fit, if you prove yourself to have the WG attitude, if you show yourself as being an awesome human being, you also make me proud. But you’ve a tough job to outshine a 4yr old as of tonight.
Needless to say, I’ll still be kicking your arse tomorrow in the saturday class and the new improved Bootcamp program which kicks of on Monday Morning is going to bring out the best of Coach Dave.
See you all there.
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