What’s your Centre?

la_ca_1115_rise_ofthe_guardians_ Well today myself and Son No 1 were at the cinema watching the Rise of the Guardians. What an excellent film!
I’m a huge fan of these kids animations, to be honest I watched them even before I had kids, now that I have two boys, I have an official excuse. Today I think I enjoyed the flick more than my boy!

I guess this is what today’s post is all about.

It’s about a little something that Santa asked Jack Frost. he asked “What’s your centre?”

He wanted to know what it was that made Jack tick, why did he do the things that he did. Who was he when it all came down to it.
Until Jack identified his centre, learned who he was and what he was about, he would never reach his potential.


This is exactly how our training must be approached.
This is the first thing you must ask yourself this before embarking on any training programme, before joining any gym.
First you must find your centre.

It’s case of knowing WHY you are training before deciding HOW to train.

My own training has gone through many evolutions over the years, here’s a few:

  • Get stronger, because no matter how skilful my karate was, I couldn’t progress with my strength levels.
  • Enjoy the terrain, living in the English Lakes District I became all about endurance as I explored the hills day in and day out.
  • No Equipment, No Excuses as I travelled around as a backpacker. Training was a case of making do, doing whatever with whatever.
  • Extreme conditioning as I settled back into my martial arts in Dublin, intense conditioning meant I could fight longer and harder than anyone else.
  • Strength again as I spent more and more time on the Doors
  • Running, as I decided to have a crack at the Dublin marathon
  • Bodybuilding to get back the mass I lost over the marathon training year.
  • Kettlebell sport & general all round fitness
  • Rebuilding the body after injury.

It goes on, but you can see how things changed as my reason for training changed. At no point has my training been cosmetically based as that is a superficial reason, not a central reason. Superficial reasoning rarely if ever will get you where you need to be.

So, in a few days I reopen the doors of WG-Fit. On Sat 5th I resume my classes, online training services and get back to full swing training my athletes. That gives you only a few days to discover your centre.



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