Balancing the Yang…

It’s cool being surrounded by great people all the time.

The other day on Facebook I posted about my next training phase. I mentioned that I was going to spend some time working on flexibility.
I dislike stretching, always have done, even as a young Karate-ka I didn’t like it. I did it though because I really liked kicking people in the head.
These days I don’t kick much at all, and when I do it’s usually to the leg or to a downed opponent. So in recent years, stretching has fallen by the wayside.

In response to my post I got a call from Anne Dempsey, the woman who runs a Yoga class at Wild Geese every Tuesday morning. Anne offered to design me a hip opening sequence specific to my needs using the Yin Yoga style with a few Somatics thrown in for balance.

We booked a time to go over it, me thinking it’d only take a few minutes to go over. maybe a half hour.
No, Anne wanted an hour and fifteen minutes.

I was going to be stretched for over an hour!

The idea with Yin Yoga is to hold a position for 3-5 minutes. Over this time you allow the body to surrender to this position gradually rewarding you with more depth.
After this single session I felt noticeably better, looser and more mobile.

The detail Anne went into as she put me into each pose, the slow gentle progressions she offered and the reassurance that progress is best made gently and slowly, patience is rewarded. Something we too often forget when stretching.

Anne has also put together an email with detailed instruction and pictures of the positions.
I’ve a good feeling about this. Many of my injury problems are down to tightness, not enough time spent on the recovery aspect of hard training.
It’s apt that Anne chose the Yin Yoga style for me, it will fit very nicely as a complement to me very Yang attitude to training.

Over the years I’ve met many Yoga instructors and attended several Yoga classes. Anne Dempsey is in a very different class to all of them. She doesn’t follow dogma and is constantly researching her subject matter.
She is, is a word, a professional.

If you want to know more about her and her 7am class every Tuesday, check out her website or drop me a line.

Now to get me some yoga pants……



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