Backyard Sandbag/Bodyweight Hybrid workout

In yesterday’s post I described the workout I had planned to do at home with my sandbag and bodyweight.

Here’s the video, it’s round 5 of 6, so the pistol squats are getting a touch messy, but if you look carefully you can see how Coach Rhia gets involved to encourage me and even check that I reach the required depth.

Here’s the vid:


Next Kettlebell Workshop:
Level 1 – April 10th, 1100 – 1300
Level 2 – April 10th, 1330 – 1400
Level 3 – May 8th, 1100 – 1300
Level 4 – May 8th, 1330 – 1400
Contact me ASAP for more details or to book your place.

Next Bootcamp commences : Monday 11th April

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